06 May 2022: Happy Parenting - Malta (For Happier Children) 2nd International Experts Seminar: Changes Needed for Family Well-Being
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Recording "Changes Needed for Family Well-Being - Malta's 2nd International Experts Seminar"

The Royal Hall, AX The Palace, Sliema, Malta & Online
- Urgent amendments in the Law and improvements to the Family Court procedures required.
- an Adversarial Child Experience affecting too many children, parents and extended families.
Happy Parenting - Malta (For Happier Children) takes pride in announcing as keynote speaker Honourable Philip Marcus, retired Israeli family court chief judge, consultant and lecturer focusing on family court reform and protecting the child-parent contact after separation. More than 20 experts are joining in the conversation:

6th May 2022 from 09:00 to 16:00
Breakfast Registration from 08:00 to 09:00
& Post Seminar Networking after 16:00

  • Hon. Philip Marcus

    Keynote Speaker, Attended in Person

    Family Court Reform and Protecting Child-Parent Contact After Separation
  • Dr William Bernet

    Video Presentation
    Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry
    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Nashville, Tennessee Certified in general psychiatry, child psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry.
  • Dr Jennifer Harman

    Video Presentation
    Social Psychology
  • President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

    Online Contribution
  • Antoinette Vassallo

    Video Message
    Commissioner for Children
    Ensuring children are given a voice and protect their rights, especially vulnerable children
  • Gail Debono

    Attended in Person
    Forensic Psychologist working in correctional services and in private practice
    President of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists "How Personality Disorders Affect Parenting"
  • Dr Vincent Marmara

    Video Presentation
    Research and Statistical Consultant
  • Philip Chircop

    Attended in Person
    Nanniet Malta - Grandparents foundation
  • Dr David Curl

    Video Presentation
    CEO, Two Wishes Foundation
    Better than a cure Protecting children in separating families
  • Dr Cynthia Tomasuolo

    Attended in Person
    Legal Consultant and Activist with Happy Parenting - Malta (For Happier Children)
  • Shawn Wygant

    Online Interactive Contribution
    Parental Alienation Detractors:
    How Purveyors of Junk Science Misinform the Public and Family Courts
  • Andreana Friggieri

    Attended in Person
    Commissioner on Gender-based and Domestic Violence
  • Imam Laiq Ahmed Atif

    Attended in Person
    President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta
  • Dr John Bartolo

    Attended in Person
    MCAST - Director
    Outreach Services and Student Affairs
  • Andreas Wil Gerdes

    Online Interactive Contribution
    German entrepreneur, digital nomad, consultant on the MaNaBu educational project, consultor and benefactor.
  • Alenka Kreideweiss

    Attended in Person
    Family Constellation
  • Gisela Jurgens

    Attended in Person
    Family Constellation
  • Borja Brañanova

    Online Interactive Contribution
  • Deanielle Dawra

    Online Contribution
    Child rights advocate, Co-founder and Director of Advocacy, Find My Parent.
  • Dr Petra Deeter

    Online Interactive Contribution
    Social Impact regarding Parental Alienation and Domestic Abuse
  • MeD Danica Joan Dockery

    Video Presentation
    Executive Director
    Kids Need Both, Inc (a 501 C3 organization) (IPAAD USA)
  • Jan James

    Video Message or Online Interactive Contribution
    Behavioural change campaigns
  • Leonard Košir

    Video Message
  • Dr Vittorio Vezzetti

    Video Message
  • Dr Claire Balzan

    Attended in Person
    Solutions on Child Support

2022 Poster - Happy Parenting - Malta (For Happier Children)

Recording "Changes Needed for Family Well-Being - Malta's 2nd International Experts Seminar"

06 May 2022 : Malta's second International Experts Seminar onParental Alienation.
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